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Book yourself on to an event to engage with students, one after another, through 1-to-1 video chats. Access the events from your office and you'll be engaging and attracting student talent quicker and more cost- effectively than ever before. On top of that, you get access to powerful data analytics to see your ROI, and understand how your message is really perceived amongst students.

Easy Follow Up
Capture Data
No Travel, Save Time
Quality 1-to-1 Video Chats
Preparing to Exhibit at an Event
Pick an event that suits your jobs and company, then book your place. Choose company representatives to attend and pay your invoice using the Stripe Payment Gateway. Spread the word! Let people know you’re attending by using your social channels and word-of-mouth.
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On the Day Best Practices
Video chat with participants and follow up with them via email. Send candidates your jobs while they’re still engaged and at a computer, rather than hoping they’ll remember to apply later when they get home. Provide anonymous feedback on why you didn’t follow up with some participants to help the organiser improve employability.
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Next Steps After the Event
No more guessing how effective events were - Access invaluable data and participant feedback to show the ROI of exhibiting. We’ll keep you informed on upcoming events so you don’t miss out - Exhibit often to increase your chances of hiring top talent!
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